Northwest Cannacast – “Why We Need to be Talkin’ Terps” (ep 34)

As a preview to our new, second season, we debut a new theme song and new format to Northwest Cannacast on this episode.  When Season 2 begins in July, we’ll record each weekly show either as news and conversation, or a 1 on 1 interview with the people behind the industry.

In this episode, we premiere the latter format featuring Dr. Dominic Corva and what he knows about terpenes…and why you should care.  We often get so caught up in THC and other numbers, we often overlook this important delivery system, and how it impacts your experience with cannabis.

So, enjoy this episode of Northwest Cannacast, and share with your friends!


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Host: Brian Calvert

Special Guest: Dr. Dominic Corva, founder of the Center for Study of Cannabis & Social Policy


Episode Recorded at:

Cannabis City



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