Northwest Cannacast – “Smells, Racketeering & Possible Change” (S3ep07)

(2018)   What could end-up a landmark case for legal cannabis is now being heard in federal court in Colorado.  It’s the first time a jury will get to weigh-in on the location of a cannabis business.

In this Newsbuds edition of Northwest Cannacast, we offer our thoughts on the lawsuit a rural Colorado couple filed against their neighbor, which happens to be a cannabis producer.  They claim his “smells” have diminished their property value.  The outcome will likely impact every single legal cannabis state, and it may narrow the already small footprint in which this type of business is allowed to operate.

(A Quick Note:  Since this episode was first taped, there has been a decision in this case.  The jury rejected the lawsuit.  Our show remains relevant, because the perspective offered takes the conversation a few places.)

Northwest Cannacast is “60 Minutes meets Legal Cannabis,” and is a news magazine show designed to promote information, perspective, and understanding.  Enjoy this week’s episode, and be sure to listen for this week’s bonus feature at the end of the show.

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Northwest Cannacast Host:

Brian Calvert


This Episode’s Panel:

Effy Loo with cannabis producer Sticky Budz

Jen Allen with Dope Duchess Designs

Dr. James Lathrop, Doctor of Nursing Practice, owner Cannabis City

Stan Orchard, Northwest Cannacast co-host


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