Northwest Cannacast – “Seniors, Sativa & The Red-Headed Stranger” (S3ep06)

(2018)  Grandkids don’t let your grandpas grow-up to be pot-heads!  While we took some liberties with one of Willie’s big songs, the sentiment is actually serious.

In this Newsbuds edition of Northwest Cannacast, we take a closer look at a report that indicates older folks outnumber younger folks when it comes to cannabis use.  Surprised?  The panel was not, but we have a really interesting conversation about talking to people about pot, and making sure your grandparents are warned about today’s weed strength.  Especially those who smoked back in the 1960’s and are now “On The Road Again.”

Northwest Cannacast is “60 Minutes meets Legal Cannabis,” and is a news magazine show designed to promote information, perspective, and understanding.  Enjoy this week’s episode, and be sure to listen for this week’s bonus feature at the end of the show.

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Northwest Cannacast Host:

Brian Calvert


This Episode’s Panel:

Greg James with Marijuana Venture Magazine

Ben Bartell of West Coast Distributors

Dr. James Lathrop, Doctor of Nursing Practice, owner Cannabis City

Stan Orchard, Northwest Cannacast co-host


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