Northwest Cannacast – “Pitfalls, Perils & Penalties ” (S2ep33)

If you make the penalty harsh enough, can you eventually get compliance?  That’s a question that comes up more than once in this week’s conversation.

In this Newsbuds edition of Northwest Cannacast, we discuss how business owners are getting fined for allowing kids to buy cannabis.  The practice has produced “miracle” results in one state…results that may be too good to be true.  And, a state official goes into unknown territory to keep those using cannabis from getting behind the wheel of a car.

Northwest Cannacast is “60 Minutes meets Legal Cannabis,” and is a news magazine show designed to promote information, perspective, and understanding.  Enjoy this week’s episode, and be sure to listen for this week’s “Canna Rant” at the end of the show.

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Northwest Cannacast Host:

Brian Calvert


This Episode’s “Newsbuds”

Shawn Richards, cannabis producer Sitka

Stan Orchard, Northwest Cannacast producer

James Lathrop, Doctor of Nursing Practice


Episode Recorded at:
Cannabis City
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