Northwest Cannacast – “Oregon’s Pot Czar PART 1” (S2ep08)

(2017) It’s not everyday you get to sit down with the guy who enforces marijuana policy for an entire state, and ask him about his job, his rules, and his wish list.

And for that reason, we’re very grateful to Steve Marks and his staff for making time for our show.  Marks is the head of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which also is in charge of enforcing rules on the state’s cannabis industry.

In this “Perspective” edition of the show, host Brian Calvert sits down one-on-one with Marks to get a better idea of what Oregon is doing right, and what the state could be doing better.

And as it turns out, the conversation is relative in all states dealing with legal marijuana.


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Northwest Cannacast Host: Brian Calvert

Special Guest: Steve Marks, director of the Oregon Liquor Control Board


Episode Recorded at the OLCC in Portland, Oregon

Cannabis City



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