Northwest Cannacast – “Medical Pot 101 Part 2”


This week on Northwest Cannacast, we continue our conversation about cannabis used for medical purposes.  It’s a concept most Americans don’t have a problem with, yet the federal government still has reservations.

This week’s guests share the medical study they each “hang their hat on.”  These are the studies that help many people understand there are benefits.  And yet, this proof from reputable scientists doesn’t seem to be enough for leaders in the United States.

Enjoy this episode of Northwest Cannacast, which begins with news, followed by a lively conversation full of perspective.  And make sure you listen all the way to the end for this week’s “Canna Rant!


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Host: Brian Calvert

Stan Orchard, Northwest Cannacast Producer

James Lathrop, Doctor of Nursing Practice

Nick Mosely, Chief Science Officer at Confidence Analytics

Dr. Dominic Corva, Cannabis and Social Policy Center



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Cannabis City


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