Northwest Cannacast – “How Many Jobs Is Cannabis Creating” (S2ep14)

Oregon lays claim to 12,500 jobs in the cannabis industry.  Washington and Colorado’s numbers are higher.  But is the industry poised for more job growth?

On this week’s “Newsbuds” edition of the show, we take a closer look at who’s hiring, and the government jobs apparently required to supervise this industry.  We also ask the question “Where do you go to find a job in legal cannabis?”  It appears there’s actually a “Linked In” for the industry.  Who knew??!!

The Northwest Cannacast is “60 Minutes meets Legal Cannabis,” and is a news magazine show designed to promote information, perspective, and understanding.  Enjoy this week’s episode, and be sure to listen for this week’s “Canna Rant” at the end of the show


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Northwest Cannacast Host:

Brian Calvert


This Episode’s “Newsbuds”

Ryan Porter of Grassworks Digital

Chase Nobles of Kush Tourism

Dr. James Lathrop of Cannabis City

Northwest Cannacast Producer Stan Orchard.



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Cannabis City


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