Northwest Cannacast “Hey Doc, Thoughts About Pot?” (S2ep16)

It’s hard enough to get some people to the doctor, let alone, ask your doctor about ways of treating pain and illness.  But with so much proof cannabis is helping so many medically, how exactly do you broach the topic with your physician?

Our friend Mary Brown returns for a special “Canna Convo” edition of Northwest Cannacast.  She talks about approaching your family physician about cannabis, and what to do if your doctor isn’t gaga over ganja.

So, enjoy this episode of Northwest Cannacast, and share with your friends!  And be sure to catch our new “how to” feature called “Canna 101” towards the end of the show.


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Northwest Cannacast Host: Brian Calvert

Special Guest: Mary Brown, Patient Consultant at



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Cannabis City

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