Northwest Cannacast – “A Different Perspective: Part 2”


A couple of weeks ago, we set the scene for a conversation between a retired police captain and a retired naval captain.  One is pro pot, the other, against.  The idea being it’s always good to try and understand where the “other” side is coming from.

So, this week, the two captains face-off.  The idea isn’t to convince the other he’s right, it’s merely to clearly understand the arguments of those for and against the non-medicinal use of cannabis.

Enjoy this episode of Northwest Cannacast, which begins with news, followed by a lively conversation full of perspective.



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Host: Brian Calvert

Stan Orchard, Northwest Cannacast Producer

James Lathrop, Doctor of Nursing Practice

Danny Wenceslao, Retired Navy Captain

Tom Wilkenson, Retired Police Captain



Episode Recorded at:

Cannabis City


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