Northwest Cannacast – “A Different Perspective: Part 1”


Just by nature of the show, the views expressed on Northwest Cannacast tend to lean pro-cannabis, as we try to offer information about its legal uses.  So, beginning with this episode, we try to understand the perspective of someone who does not approve of non-medicinal use of pot.

There’s so much intolerance in the world today, it seems like the pro-pot movement could at least try and understand why there are those still opposed to its use.  This episode is designed for those of you who struggle to communicate with someone who doesn’t share your view.

Enjoy this episode of Northwest Cannacast, which begins with news, followed by a lively conversation full of perspective.


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Host: Brian Calvert

Stan Orchard, Northwest Cannacast Producer

James Lathrop, Doctor of Nursing Practice

Danny Wenceslao, Retired Navy Captain

Tom Wilkenson, Retired Police Captain


Episode Recorded at:

Cannabis City


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