Northwest Cannacast – “A Closer Look At Cannabis Research” (S2ep38)

(2018)  A major study involving the use of cannabis is being done here in the Pacific Northwest, but there are challenges to work around to make sure that not only the research is seen as legit…but that it’s also legal.

In this CannaConvo edition of Northwest Cannacast, we sit down with two of the study’s spokespeople to get a better idea what they’re trying to find, as well as the delicate balance of using a Schedule 1 substance in research.  And let’s throw this out there; the research is being done on a state college campus at a time another state campus has stopped researching cannabis out of fear of the feds.  We’ll find out what makes this work different.

Northwest Cannacast is “60 Minutes meets Legal Cannabis,” and is a news magazine show designed to promote information, perspective, and understanding.  Enjoy this week’s episode, and be sure to listen for this week’s “Canna 101” feature at the end of the show.

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Northwest Cannacast Host:

Brian Calvert


This Episode’s Guests

Michael Louella, Cannabis researcher with University of Washington

Eric Helgeson, RN with the UW’s ACTU


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