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Northwest Cannacast – “The Limits of Gov’t Research”

EPISODE 25 It’s a debate that’s been around for a while, but now, with so many states legalizing cannabis, the problem seems to be worse.  The government is testing cannabis, but only cannabis grown is special facilities. The issue:  The quality and potency of government …

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Northwest Cannacast – “Blazing The Hemp Trail”

EPISODE 23 Are you sure you know the difference between hemp and pot?  There are similarities and differences, and this week on the Cannacast, we dig a little deeper into the world of hemp. Longtime advocate and supporter Vivian McPeak is part of the conversation …

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Northwest Cannacast – “Medical Pot 101 Part 2”

EPISODE 22 This week on Northwest Cannacast, we continue our conversation about cannabis used for medical purposes.  It’s a concept most Americans don’t have a problem with, yet the federal government still has reservations. This week’s guests share the medical study they each “hang their …

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