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Northwest Cannacast – “Buds, Booze & Bullets” (S2ep23)

Cannabis sales are now outpacing sales of wine in one country, prompting the question “Why isn’t marijuana use more mainstream?” The numbers may prove it actually is, even though most in the federal government won’t admit it. In this Newsbuds edition of Northwest Cannacast, our …

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Northwest Cannacast – “The ABCs of THC” (S2ep19)

Whether you’ve used cannabis much of your life, or are just beginning to walk down the weed road, finding your way is much easier when you know more about the compounds that make up marijuana. In this Canna Convo edition of Northwest Cannacast, our guest …

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Northwest Cannacast “One Degree Of Cannabis” (S2ep15)

The first 4-year degree in Cannabis has been announced, giving an entirely new meaning to “higher” education.  All puns aside, how big is this? On this week’s “Newsbuds” edition of the show, we ask those at the table the implications of university embracing the industry, …

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