About The Show

PLEASE NOTE: Northwest Cannacast has ceased production.  Production may resume when a presenting sponsor is found.  For more information, Contact us

Think “60 Minutes” meets Marijuana.

That’s the Northwest Cannacast, where every week, we present the news, the newsmakers, perspective and opinion from the world of legal cannabis.  We’re not about promoting pot; we’re about promoting information.



The Show


Each week, our goal is to give you 18-20 minutes of information and perspective, while always keeping the show fresh and relevant.  Some weeks, the show is about the news and features people from the industry to offer perspective.  Other weeks, we sit down with a newsmaker for a one-on-one conversation.  And then there are those weeks we present stories, tips, and advice from people like the mom on your block who smokes…to the neighbor trying to find balance between the law and his needs.


Each Northwest Cannacast is delivered in one of three formats:

And no matter which format, we always end the show with our popular Op-Ed piece or our segment offering tips for a better experience with cannabis:



News.  Perspective.  Enlightenment.



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